In this tutorial we are going to learn about WHAT IS CIRCUIT DESIGN TECHNIQUES?

  • Use the minimum clock speeds possible for logic circuitry.
  • Select the slowest switching speed logic.
  • Select the logic with the greatest noise margin.
  • Select logic families with the lowest switching energy.
  • Avoid the use of both high impedance inputs and outputs.
  • Decouple RF currents to the RF ground at inputs and outputs.
  • Protect both inputs and outputs from RF Interference.
  • Decouple any RF currents on the PCB at the I/O terminations, if possible.
  • Take care when using non-linear devices & semiconductors at inputs & outputs to avoid rectification of
    any RF signals.
  • Employ simple inductor/capacitor/resistor networks where possible to decouple Radio Frequencies.
  • Always use short connection tracks to decoupling networks to avoid adding inductance & impedance.
  • Use ferrite beads to damp out parasitic oscillations.
  • Keep all signal levels as high as possible to overcome noise thresholds. Where possible match input &
    output impedances (for HF).
  • Terminate unused inputs on devices & unused inputs on module to GND if possible

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