In this tutorial we are going to learn about BEST QUESTION OF PCB DESIGN ?

  • Width Length Height Unit

Single Euro Board Size 100 160 25 mm

Double Euro Board Size 160 233.3 mm

Double MultiLayer Board 220 233 mm

  •  What is a clock skew?

Skew is the variation between the rising edge of one signal versus the rising edge of another signal. It can also be measured between the falling edge of one signal versus the falling edge of another signal.

  • What is a lossless trace?

All traces have some resistance (D.C. component), but its very small & using the transmission line theory, we neglect it & call the traces “lossless”.

  • How analog effect of digital interconnects ?

In a truly digital world there would only be 1s & 0s. In electronics we represent them as “high” & “low” signals. When the input to the component is high voltage the component switches (this is known as the high threshold). When the input signal falls back to the low voltage, the component switches back. (this is known as the low threshold). Unfortunately, when you send a high-speed digital signal down a wire it gets distorted through internal reflections & coupling to other traces. This may cause the signal to momentarily jump above the high threshold or fall below the low threshold, causing components to switch when they shouldn’t. These effects are analog.

  •  What is critical length?

The critical length, as used in Signal Integrity & in this document, is taken to be a quarter of the wavelength of the signal being transmitted, & physical discontinuities of this order have little or no effect on the signal.

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