In this tutorial we are going to learn about WHAT IS GUIDELINE FOR COMPONENTS PLACEMENT IN PCB DESIGN ?

Component placement due to main reason of  the amount of EMI generated. In this tutorial of  The guidelines  are general approaches to minimize EMI.

• Keep leads on TH components short. Place the components as close to the PCB as possible and trim leads if necessary.

• Place all components associated with one clk trace closely together. This reduces the trace length & reduces radiation.

• Place high-current components as closely as possible to the power sources.

• Minimize the use of sockets in HF portions of the board. Sockets introduce higher inductance & mis-matched impedance.

• Keep crystal, oscillators, & clk generators away from I/O ports & board edges. EMI from these devices can be coupled onto the I/O ports.

• Place the crystals so that they lie flat against the PC board. This minimizes the distance to the GND plane & provides better coupling of EM fields to the board.

• Connect the crystal retaining straps to the GND plane. These straps, if ungrounded, can behave as an antenna and radiate.

• Provide a GND pad equal/larger than footprint under crystals & oscrs on the component side of the board. This GND pad should be tied to the GND planes with multiple vias.

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