Tools Kit for Electronics Lab

In this tutorial we are going to learn about Tools Kit for Electronics Lab

  1. Digital Multi Meter – It is use to measure voltage (AC, DC), Current (AC, DC) and resistance, Capacitance, inductance and continuity of circuit etc. Below is image for Digital Multi Meter.
  • Shear Cutters – It is use to make straight and curve cuts in sheet metal
  • Soldering Iron – It is used to join large wires by soldering, It consist of more powerful heat source, It has minimum 25W up to 1000W.
  • Soldering Gun – It is a practical option of a soldering iron.
  • Nibbler – It is used for cutting square holes in plastic/ aluminum enclosures.
  • Slip joint pliers – It is useful assembly and disassembly of electronics device chassis.
  • Wire cutters/ Strippers – Wire cutter are used to cut the installation of wires to make electrical connection.
  •  ESD – safe Tweezers – It is used where used lots of SMD components.
  •  Needle nose Pliers – It is designed to grasp small objects and are very useful for pushing wire.
  • Solder wire – It is different types of spool like 22-gauge. it is solid copper wire and used in solder less breadboards.
  • Hand drill – Simple hand – crank drill does a remarkable job of drilling through plastic, wood and metals.
  • LCR meter – It is used to require to do any analog work like it is used to special measurement of L for inductance , C for capacitance and R for resistance.
  • Components Box – It is used to keep a large number of components which are used for repair and development.
  • Magnifying Lamp – It is used to see minor components value and solder ball between in ICs pins.
  • Tip tinner – It is used to keep soldering tips in good condition.
  • Di-solder Pump – It is useful fir the mistakes or bridges pins.
  • Voltage detector – It is a quick, Inexpensive way to check the presence of live voltage on AC circuit, switches before working them.
  • PCB Shear – It is used for cutting panelized PCBs. Paper phenolic boards (home etching) can be cut with a good paper cutter.
  • Test Clips – It is designed to clip models of test leads and carry out testing.
  • Jumper wire – It is used to temporary connection between electronics components.
  • Variable DC Power Supply – It used to testing of different types of PCB which are operated on DC.
  • DSO – It is called Digital Strobe oscilloscope that is used for check clock, frequency and signal.
  • AC Variac- It is used for AC voltage variable it can use for 0VAC to 400VAC.
  • I.P. – it is called ISOPROPANOL and it is used for cleaning the PCB after solder the components.
  • Solder Flux – When we do the solder then get some solder joint and bridging between components pins so to remove solder joint and bridging use the solder flux.
  • Hot Air Gun – It is used to remove very fine SMD components.

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