What is Advantage of Ground Plane in PCB Design?

In this tutorial we are going to learn about What is Advantage of Ground Plane in PCB Design?

Ground Plane – it is additional layer, simply which are connected to ground connection. It provide two important things, it provide easiest and quick connection with the ground  wherever it is needed to be in PCB and Big ground plane help us to reduce the noise in PCB which noise generated high current components and high frequency signal.

As per given details of specific reason we use the ground plane

· Low inductance – Ground place have wider area of copper due the this reduce the ringing and crosstalk so that this can be happened by low inductance if we use ground plane then pcb inductance will be low.

· High capacitance – In PCb design have may conductor are parallel if we use ground plane then it can be separated and PCB capacitance will be high when they are working separately.

· Low EMI susceptibility – In PCB design EMI is main part , many components are generating the heat which can interpret the low signal components when use the ground plane between them then ground plane working as a heatsink which can absorbing the heat and reduce the EMI.

· Low EMI radiation – Some components and trace are generating heat so that we shield that types of components and do the connect with ground plane which are best way reduce EMI radiation.

· Large PCB land area

· Always try to make design double and multi layer

· Signal track routing can be difficult

A ground plane provides several benefits:

GND is frequently the most common connection in the circuit. Having it continuous on the bottom layer usually makes the most sense for circuit routing.

• It increases the mechanical strength of the board.

• It lowers the impedance of all GND connections in the circuit, which reduces undesirable conducted noise.

• It adds a distributed capacitance to every net in the circuit, helping to suppress radiated noise.

• It acts as a shield to radiated noise coming from underneath the board.

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